Top 7 Winter Wonderlands For A Perfect Vacation

This list is for the lovers of the best that nature has to offer, icy waterfalls, snow covered lakes, and the glistening sun on snow covered lands. Here’s a list of some winter wonderlands that are a must see for everyone.

The Top 7 Winter Wonderlands For A Perfect Vacation

It’s already February, and we can’t let the last months of winter go to waste! The prime time for a family vacation is now, and it’s highly recommended that you make the trip- get your bags ready for a heart-warming experience in the most chilling wintertime wonderlands out there. Every destination has its own quirks, and the ones we have listed below are guaranteed to hold your most cherished memories if you decide to visit with your loved ones. 

Big Bear Lake, California

When we say big, we mean BIG. This lake is all you need to make your travel package deal worth the money. Bear Mountain has its own ski resort for the chilly, sharp air to sting at your cheeks while you enjoy the adrenaline. They have terrain parks for the explorers and learner slopes for the children to have their first skiing experience. The snow summit is the definition of a winter wonderland, complete with boutiques, restaurants, and gift shops down by the Big Bear Lake Village. There’s no need to think twice when so much is on the line, and time is flying by! Book flights and hotels or a cheap travel deal to give a happy start to 2020.  

Essex, Connecticut

Essex is the most popular winter destination because of the winter-themed train rides available for tourists to enjoy. A travel package deal is never complete without a bit of thematic performance arts- it just adds a meaningful, memorable touch to the family vacation. Connecticut River Museum’s dock stands high above the big river and rare species of animals often come by to say hello to the visitors! Essex is the one-stop winter destination for the whole family, given they have many shops selling jewelry and other fashionable accessories. An old school Steam Train and Riverboat is waiting for you. This is your chance to book your flight to this amazing city- It’s already February, it’s time for a vacation of a lifetime! 

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Crans-Montana, Switzerland

Rhone Valley has two adjacent resorts, Crans and Montana, at its crown. These winter wonderlands are located at a remarkable altitude of 1500 metres on a plateau that stays under the natural spotlight, the sun. Switzerland has many attractions, but when it comes to wintertime, the Crans-Montana resorts are destinations one cannot overlook. The best travel deal cannot be the best if it does not include considerable time in this incredible, wholesome area full of wintertime activities and experiences. 

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Quebec City, Canada

How can one overlook Canada, the home of all that is frost, during winters? Quebec City provides tourists with an opportunity to live through Canada’s icy climate with worthwhile attractions and activities. Saint Lawrence River gets covered by a sheet of ice where the locals and the visitors have the time of their lives skating to their heart’s desires. The stone buildings and narrow streets have a certain style to them that cannot go unpraised by those who see it. It’s undeniably a prime location for your next travel package deal, that’s for sure. 

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Harbin, China

If you’ve ever heard tales of snow queens living in ice castles as a child, you can make this fairy tale dream come true at Harbin, China. Sun Island Park has ice sculptures that remain intact throughout the year, and there is literally a castle built entirely out of ice that never ceases to amaze its visitors. Yabuli Ski Resort is built to entertain tourists with skiing and skating opportunities, but that’s not the best part about a winter vacation in Harbin… a hot spring awaits your arrival as well. 

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Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

This canyon presents its visitors with a sight that one cannot possibly forget. The canyon is huge and during winter, it’s rock formation gets covered in a blanket of ice and snow that radiates and reflects the sunset during prime visiting hours. The National Park is home to a diverse fauna and flora too, so you know you will be forced to spend a few hours in nature, absorbing the glamour of all that’s around you. Don’t forget to bring your picnic basket! 

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Munising, Michigan

The Munising and Wagner falls are frozen solid in these months! To make the most out of the winter months of 2020 we suggest you plan a discount vacation package and head on over to the Michigan State in the U.S. with the best travel deals you can find. You will not be disappointed- rather, you’ll be amazed by frosty shipwrecks to see and rock formations to climb, for the brave-hearted travellers out there. 

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