Amazing Places To Visit In Spain

Ever wanted to visit castles, amazing museums, and natural caves? Check out this list of some amazing places that are must see for your next vacation to Spain.

Tourism in Spain has all the zeal and zest that is required to lure tourists into its magnificent trap. The historical sites and unique cultural features have always made Spain attractive to foreign visitors, possessing a distinct heritage with its roots in Christian, Islamic and Jewish culture. Spain is one of the world’s leading tourist destinations, thanks to the country’s variety of attractions. In 2019, Spain was the 2nd most visited country in the world, recording a spectacular count of 83.7 million tourists who visited many of its cities including Barcelona, Madrid and Seville. It sounds like an amazing feat in tourism to us! The natives are so amiable and hospitable that once you step into this beautiful country you start imagining all your life here. Undoubtedly, most tourists that visit Spain come to the sea, the sand and the sunshine. The favourable Mediterranean climatic conditions, warm summers and mild winters, along with the matchless facilities ranging from transport, guiding, food to accommodation, are just perfect for an exciting vacation. Spain celebrates a host of festivities throughout the year thus, anytime in the year is good to experience their revelries thoroughly.

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Here is an island in Spain which you should visit in the first place to enjoy to your fullest on the best and affordable travel deal. Don’t miss out on the major tourist attractions we’ll be listing out for you. Believe us – you don’t want to regret missing out on all the fun later. After all, when life is all about discovering and experiencing the new, why not develop a healthy addiction- travelling!

The Royalty of Spain- Majorca

It is a large Mediterranean isle of resorts, dining, coves, mountains, architectural ruins, citrus groves and much more. Majorca or Mallorca is a beautiful island in Spain which offers many hidden gems to be discovered. It is the largest of the Balearic Islands with an area of 3,640 square kilometres (just over 1,000 sq. miles) and also one of the busiest holiday islands and entertainment centers in Europe with more than 300 days of sunshine and 350 miles of beautiful coastline. Majorca is considered as the island of tranquility as well as the isle of light and beauty. During summer, the sun and the beaches are an open invitation to relaxation for holidaymakers. Majorca beaches are really enchanting with golden sand and crystal-clear waters. Also, things to do in Majorca are endless. It has always been the center of attraction, being the hub of tourism for decades. Surely, some tourist attractions here will take your breath away!

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Palma De Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca is the capital city of Majorca and also Balearic Isles was founded by the Romans in 120 B.C., located on the southern coast of the island. A great day out in Palma de Mallorca is a great attraction for holidays on the island. Palma De Mallorca welcomes thousands of tourists every year with its fine sandy natural beach and crystal-clear waters. Palma de Mallorca has all the necessary tourist services and also the city is one of the most popular weekend breaks in Europe. 

There are a variety of nice hotels and apartments to choose from. There also many restaurants, bars, shops and leisure activities at the beach promenade of Palma de Mallorca. The restaurants and bars in Palma are always full. Holidaymakers can explore Palma de Mallorca by city sightseeing buses. A great day out at the 750 metres long Palma de Mallorca beach. You can do water sports, attend boat trips, hiking, nature walking, a visit to Palma Aquarium and Gènova Caves- the best things to do!

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Cap De Formentor

The most dramatic stretch of Mallorca’s coast, Cap de Formentor is an otherworldly domain of razor-edge cliffs and wind-buckled limestone peaks jutting far out to sea; from a distance, it looks like an epic line of waves about to break. No visit to the north of Mallorca is complete without seeing the island’s northern tip. The scenery along this dramatic road is truly spectacular, with viewing points at the watchtower. Although the lighthouse itself is not open to visitors, its surroundings offer awesome views of this wild and rugged spot.

The pine-lined white sandy beach is one of the most spectacular on the island with views of the bay of Pollensa, and the crystal-clear water makes it a major attraction on the northern coast.

 People who want to experience a lush, serene environment with scenic beauty that captures the heart must visit it and enjoy the goodie bag of wonder it offers. 

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Drach Caves 

Majorca has a great natural environment with lots of wonderful Majorca caves for nature lovers. A visit to popular caves in Majorca is one of the best things to do out here. They offer great natural attractions for its visitors with regard to the exquisite topography. Drach caves are one of the most popular and most visited caves in Majorca.

Drach Caves (Coves del Drach) are popular for their illumination and the Martel lake which is one of the largest underground lakes in the world. Apparently, it’s about 115 m in length and 30 m in width, and its depth varies between four and twelve meters. It is named after the French explorer and scientist Édouard-Alfred Martel, considered the founding father of speleology, who was invited to explore the cave in 1896. It is an aesthetic place that invites any tourists from all over the globe to come and explore its wonders. Tourists are mostly enthralled by the interior the cave demonstrates. There are also musical concerts held at the lake and some also take a ride on a boat. Personalized tours are organized in small groups so that the tourists can easily take their time enjoying the relics. Your family could venture outside in a group right after the Pandemic for a well-earned retreat! 

Bellver castle 

Bellver Castle also known as Castell de Bellver got its name from Catalan for ‘lovely view’ and – with its commanding hilltop position to the west of Palma, and surrounded by scented pine woods – it couldn’t have been better named. If you take a Palma City Sightseeing open-top bus tour, Bellver Castle is one of the sixteen stops along the route; using a public bus from the city centre means a steep walk up the hill from the bus stop! There is ample parking at the top if you visit the castle by car. The 360-degree panorama from the summit includes the Bay of Palma and the mountains of the Tramuntana, Mallorca’s 90 km mountain range. During its long history it has served briefly as a royal summer residence and, more infamously, was used for almost six centuries as a prison – up until 1915. 

Today, during the balmy summer evenings, you’ll find frequent concerts of different types of music taking place in this impressive courtyard, under star-studded skies. Bellver Castle is also home to an interesting museum, accessed via the central courtyard – where you’ll find artifacts from Roman, Arab and Spanish periods to help give you a picture of the history of Palma. The museum comprises eight rooms of the castle, six of which cover different periods of the island’s history. You can also visit the old castle kitchen, with its smoke-blackened walls, and the castle chapel.

If you’re interested in history, old castles or photographing spectacular views, a visit to Palma’s Bellver Castle is a must!

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The small hamlet of Orient is located on one side of the Puig de Alaró. The sheer beauty of the mountain scenery is reason enough to come here. Orient is also the starting point for a number of interesting hiking tours and a popular area for mountain bikers. The village itself has only 40 houses, around 20 regular inhabitants and three restaurants. Try the French-owned ‘Mandala’ for excellent international cuisine in a very romantic setting. This place indeed possesses a charm!

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     All in all, Spain holds great significance as a perfect travel destination for tourists worldwide. We understand that there are many more places in Spain that hold great treasures in the form of recreational facilities and sites worthy to see once in your lifetime. The people are hospitable, the weather favourable, and the traveller’s heart young and yearning for adventure… which makes Spain your number 1 travel destination. 

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