Amazing Places To Visit In South Africa

Lets face it, South Africa is a country full of culture, history, and beauty. Here’s a list of must visit places in some awesome parts of South Africa.

Constantia is the ultimate travel destination for those who crave the finer moments in life. This suburb in Cape Town, South Africa is very high up in African tourism. The 19-century architecture is very appealing to the eyes and mind. Journalists and writers often get lost describing the beauty of the town and the hearts of its people. Africans are generally very polite and hospitable of visitors as their culture bounds them to cater to their guests heartily. Tourists find themselves at home, apparently. Constantia is known to be a wine-producing suburb, which is the reason why many adults tend to prefer touring Cape town. Whatever it is- the thirst to travel or the thirst for fine wine, Constantia welcomes all. 

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Acrobranch Constantia

Are you sick of places that bore you or your family? Or, perhaps, you want to go someplace that challenges you and makes you bring your A-game? Well, look no further, reader! Acrobranch Constantia is the answer to all your questions. Located in the suburbs of Constantia, Cape Town, this outdoor adventure park offers a full day fun for you and your family! Choose from the 3 courses each with its own difficulty level, challenge and obstacle. Children between 3-6 can opt for the Acro-twigs course, which offers more than 18 obstacles and is also monitored by registered safety guides. The Monkey Moves course is designed for beginners and offers up the perfect opportunity for adventurers who don’t want to risk too much. If you’re one of those who live for the thrill, you can opt for the third and the most challenging, Swinging Tarzan course. Your agility will be tested as you swing, climb and crawl along the course that boasts an impressive 16 obstacles. Easily find all-inclusive vacation packages and spend a memorable family day here!

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Lion’s Head

Are you looking for a cheap place to visit in Cape Town? People often compromise on their travel dreams because they are short on funds to travel comfortably. This leaves us with the wish of having an affordable travel experience. Look no further as one of the best hiking trails in Cape Town is here to the rescue. Located between Table Mountain and Signal Hill, is the magnificent steeped mountain, the Lions Head.  The peak of Lion’s Head mountain forms a dramatic backdrop to the city of Cape Town, overlooking it from an elevation of 669 meters. It sure acts as nature’s observatory deck for Cape Town. Lion’s Head is named so because the shape of the mountain is said to resemble a male lion reclining with his head towards Table Mountain. Hiking across the trails of Lion’s Head is considered as a true Capes Town experience and one must not miss it when here. So book your cheap holiday packages, pack your bags and allow yourself to be a part of this beautiful city. 

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Robben Island

A horrific look into the history of South Africa, Robben Island is a place one must visit when in Cape Town. For nearly 400 years, Robben Island in Table Bay was a brutal prison where Nelson Mandela spent 18 years in a tiny cell during the apartheid era. Around 30 minutes away from central Cape Town on a boat, this island is a registered UNESCO World Heritage Site. The tours begin with multimedia exhibits in the museum at the Nelson Mandela Gateway on the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront before travelers board vessels to the island. Once at the island, visitors tour the cell where Mandela was held captive and also the lime quarries where the prisoners had to go through extensive hours of back-breaking labour. The best part about the tours although it is the key information that the tour guides are former prisoners of Robben Island who contribute to the uniqueness of each tour by narrating their own experience. Find cheap vacation packages to Cape Town and look into one of the most inspirational man’s lives inside the prison, and a great lesson of resilience and forgiveness all under one roof.

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