Mesmerizing Travel Destinations In Dubai

Thinking of visiting Dubai? Check out these must visit places in Dubai. Make your vacation amazing and memorable!

Dubai is an international tourist spot and hosts some of the biggest festivals and annual events such as New Year, Christmas, and so on. A family vacation here is very promising- there’s all that one can wish for and more. There is ultra-modern architecture for the sight-seer and journalist to report on. There’s luxury shopping in humongous malls that’ll leave your eyes wide open. Shoppers can find there heaven right here! For people who love to party and hang out, Dubai’s nightlife is the best fit worldwide. Music, lights, and a diversity of people- you can find every ethnicity and culture embraced in all its glory. The parks and recreational centers are top-notch… one can’t stop praising Dubai for all it has to offer. 

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Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is an iconic building since it’s construction. It has become not only a symbol of pride for Dubai but also a huge part of its identity. With over millions of visitors per year, it is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Dubai. One thing that Burj Khalifa definitely isn’t:  ordinary or mundane. Instead, it’s one of the most magnificent pieces of architecture in history. With a total height of 829.8 m (2,722 ft), this skyscraper is the tallest structure in the world. Few things in life are as thrilling as being whizzed to the observatory deck atop the Burj Khalifa by a high-speed elevator. One can experience the breathtaking panoramic views of the beautiful city of Dubai. The deck offers an extensive overlook of the city, with the yellow desert on one side and the blue ocean on the other. All your worries evaporate into the thin air as you experience these magnificent views. You’ll definitely thank your lucky stars for the cheap vacation packages that got you here! 

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Aquaventure Waterpark

Inside the most luxurious and elite part of Dubai, Atlantis The Palm, lies the secret to one of the best experiences you can have with your family and children: the Aquaventure Waterpark. Just book one of the discounted vacation packages available, and find yourself in a water wonderland. This 42-acre waterpark is one of the biggest water parks in Dubai. A vast water park with zip lines, slides through shark-filled lagoons & a splash area for kids, what’s not to love at this fun-filled park? The waterpark requires you to only pay for the tickets, and upon entrance, all the rides are free, which is an added bonus! Get your heart racing on 30 slides and attractions, laugh your way down Dubai’s longest Lazy River, and relax on 500m of private beach. Aquaventure offers a little something for everyone. Give your family the experience of a lifetime. Make your trip memorable by adding a splash to your day at this waterpark!

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Dubai Marina Walk

Who said you need to have a buck load of cash to travel around Dubai? Not us! Dubai Marina Walk, one of the absolutely best and must-visit places in Dubai, is completely free. This beautiful 7km palm-lined waterfront walkway dotted with global cafes, food outlets and restaurants, is what dreams are made of. You don’t necessarily have to spend bucks here, just take a quiet relaxing stroll along the beach and let yourself get lost in the ocean breeze and buzzing Dubai life. It is the perfect end to a day filled with adventure, or to relax your mind. The Marina walk not only offers the views of the waterfront but also gives an insight into Dubai and the vast architecture this city offers. A cheap vacation package and a walk across the Marina are all you need to make your visit to Dubai one of the best vacations you’ll ever have.

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