Amazing Cities In Beautiful South Korea

Dreaming of a vacation to South Korea? Experience the culture, beauty, food, and hospitality of South Korea. Here’s a list of amazing cities to check out when vacationing and traveling to South Korea.

People tend to stereotype the word Asian for Chinese and Japanese people only. This is very amusing, however, since Asia is the largest continent with over 49 countries. Each of these amazing countries have their own distinct language and culture. They are different in all aspects, their cuisine, clothing, style, ancestors- the whole package, to be precise. Such diversity in culture makes a traveler’s heart skip a beat. The immense wanderlust cannot be contained in such a small body! The only remedy for an adventurous heart is a well-deserved travel package deal that allows one to travel wherever the wind takes him or her.

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A Sight For The Sore Eye

The best part about travelling in Asia is that most of the countries have very economical, cheap family vacation packages as well as cheap international flight systems. You can take your entire family to a ride up East, into the most popular cities of South Korea. Korea is a country that has all the wonders one can ask for. This East Asian country is known widely for its ancestry as well as its advancement in science. It would be hard to fit so much in one place, only if South Korea wasn’t huge! 

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Do The Math

According to

In 2018, South Korea had approximately 15.35 million inbound visitors. Visitor arrivals in South Korea have shown an overall growth since year 2000. According to the source, October was the most popular month to visit in 2018, with around 1.53 million incoming visitors in that month.

October is the month of a heavy, steady footfall of tourists. If you aren’t much of a crowd-loving person, you may easily avoid visiting Korea then. However, don’t blame us! Most of their cultural festivities take place in October. It’s all up to you to choose your best travel deal. Cheap international flights are available throughout the year, so that’s a bonus for you! 

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Your Trip To Wonderland

Here are some cities we’ve listed for you that’ll make your travel package deal memorable. These cities have a very high tourism rate because of the favorable weather, colorful flora, and striking infrastructure. By infrastructure, we mean recreational theme parks, museums, monuments, shopping malls, restaurants, and so on! Add a cheap international flight and a high-quality, yet affordable, cheap family vacation package, and you’re off to wonderland. Read on below! 

Busan, South Korea

Located on the southeastern tip of the Korean Peninsula, Busan is a city filled with absolute marvel. Home to huge alluring mountains, enormously broad rivers such as the Nakdonggang river, and picturesque sceneries like the Haeundae beach that grasp the attention of every viewer. With towering skyscrapers, eateries with a variety of cultural delicacies that provide the best dining experience, Busan never disappoints. Avail cheap travel deals as Busan could be the perfect getaway to spend quality time with your loved ones.

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Seoul, South Korea

Located in the northwest of South Korea, along the Han River, Seoul is the capital and the largest metropolis of the country. One of the best things about Seoul is the history that it possesses; with attractions, such as the Gyeongbokgung Palace, the war memorial of Korea, a vast museum with over 10,000 artifacts, and loads more. Seoul is the perfect mix of the urban lifestyle. A vibrant city with gleeful nightlife. The ample number of festivals that take place in Seoul and the food is simply a delight to one’s soul. Only in Seoul, you could also hike mountains and sulk in the beauty of the city. With such beauty and pleasure, who wouldn’t want the best travel package deals to Seoul?

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Daegu, South Korea 

A city filled with immense history, culture and knowledge, with a touch of the premium modern experience that everyone strives for;  Daegu, is nestled in the North Gyeongsang Province of South Korea. Home to history that dates back to the Joseon Era, and huge soaring skyscrapers, Daegu, provides an impeccable mix of old and new, making visitors love it! Possessing the city’s beautiful nightscape, hiking spots to enjoy the vista from, the most joyful festivals of South Korea, traditional market and toothsome eateries, and finding your inner zen at several Buddhist sites such as the Donghwasa Temple, Daegu, has it all. With such profits, and cheap international flights, Daegu, could be the perfect place for you! 

Namwon, South Korea

Filled with vibrant colors and lush blue radiant skies, Namwon, is a city in the North Jeolla Province of South Korea. Huge mountain tops could be the ideal hiking spots for hikers, catering to the sight that one could only dream of. Namwon possesses some of the most historical vogue sites such as the Gwanghallu Pavilion, that provide peace and calm to the soul. The rich culture of the city of Namwon has allowed it to be known as “the City of Love”, because of the famous Korean love story Chunhyang. With such beauty also come cheap travel deals, so you could fly out there, and witness it yourself. 

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Sacheon, South Korea

Ever visited a new place and felt ‘wow’ about it? For visitors, it happens at Sacheon. Although this city is not as popular as the rest of the cities, don’t let that fool you. Sacheon is a beautiful upcoming tourist destination that is worth a visit. A small city that comes packed with surprises! A city filled with lush radiant colours, packed with fun activities to do, such as the Sacheon Ocean Cable Car. Various temples to achieve peace, and places packed with modern knowledge, such as the Sacheon High-Tech Aerospace Science Museum. With cheap family vacation packages, this city could be the perfect spot for you and your loved ones. 

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Gyeongju, South Korea

Located in the southeastern corner of North Gyteongsang Province, Gyeongju, due to its rich history is known as “the museum without walls”. This city was the former capital of the Silla kingdom which ruled for nearly two centuries. Remnants of such historic periods attract visitors that have a keen interest in history. Gyeongju is also the right place to visit if you have an eye for picturesque scenery. Here, you could also experience temple life if you are the kind of person that loves to understand different cultures, with temples such as Bulguksa Temple, Seokguram Grotto and many more. Gyeongju combines a mix of history and the perfect modern life. With cheap travel deals, this place is a must-visit for everyone!

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Incheon, South Korea

Incheon Metropolitan City is a coastal city located in northwestern South Korea. Although being a port city, one would expect it to be boring, however, that is not the case. Incheon has some of the most interesting spots to visit, such as the Incheon Grand Park, the peaceful Eurgawani Beach, and the amazing Wolmido Island. Incheon also offers some of the best modern luxuries in the country, such as casinos, Sinpo international market, the country famous spa and wellness center Spasis, and many more. Home to the Jeondeungsa Temple built over a thousand years ago, and the infamous Chinatown full of Chinese characteristics Incheon offers some of the best places to vacation. What are you waiting for? Find cheap international flights and immerse yourself in the beauty of this city!

Daejeon, South Korea

Are you looking for an ideal vacation place? A place that has the perfect mix of science and technology, history, and nature? Well,  Daejeon is your place. Book a cheap all-inclusive family vacation package to his city and avail the best of the best. It is one of the major cities in South Korea. If you’re a science lover you’ll be pleased to know that Daejeon is the city of science and innovation in South Korea as it houses the largest Expo Park complex. Apart from that, you can’t ignore the happening urban life of Daejon. But hey, when all calms down and you need to relax, Daejon has just the place for you. The Yuseong Hot Springs is the most calming location in Daejeon. The hot thermal waters of the spring relax each and every muscle of your body. So what are you waiting for? The friendly streets of Daejeon are calling out to you!

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Yeosu, South Korea 

Are you sick of seeing ads about the happening places and just want a calm, quiet vacation? If so, we have the perfect place for you. Book an economical travel package to Yeosu, a beautiful port city of South Korea. The tourist scene isn’t too indulgent, but that is exactly what makes Yeosu, so perfect for you. Yeosu is surrounded by islands, cliffs, and mountains that take your breath away! Hyangiram Hermitage, a beautiful cliffside hermitage, offers the best views of the port. Devouring fresh seafood and taking a walk across the port is all you need! 

Geoje, South Korea

An exotic land of sparkling clear waters, a gorgeous rocky coastline, and lots of beautiful beaches, Geoje is what dreams are made of. Geoje is also nicknamed as the “Blue City” and rightfully so. Geoje also has lots of tourist sites to offer, such as a 15th-century castle and a POW Camp, which used to host North Korean prisoners. When you’re visiting this beautiful city on a cheap travel package, don’t forget to take a ferry ride across the islands of Haegeumgang and Odeo. Life can’t get better than when you’re in Geoje, making the memories of a lifetime!

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Plan For The Future

South Korea has much to offer for anyone, may it be children, adults, or the elderly. The best time to visit Korea is the spring-time months of May, June, or July. However, given the unfortunate Pandemic situation, it is highly recommended that you plan ahead. The best travel deals will be available right after the situation calms down a bit, so you should be on the lookout for cheap family vacation packages right now. You could end up saving yourself a lot of money, hassle, and, God forbid, a risk of getting infected. So why not spend your quarantine staying at home and saving up money by working online? Think of your next vacation to South Korea as a well-earned treat for being so patient and considerate!

We at are here to make your travel dreams an affordable reality. Start planning your next amazing vacation and use the search below. We compare hundreds of travel sites to find the cheapest flight and hotel deals on the entire internet, that’s what we do – It’s literally our name.

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