Essential Coronavirus Precautions for Safe Travel

Corona Virus is all the hype these days. Here are ways to protect yourself and be safe while traveling with the Corona virus epidemic going on. Make sure to read this list.

Essential Corona Virus Precautions for Safe Travel

Due to the unfortunate outbreak of the Coronavirus, travelling seems to be quite a risky move due to close proximity with hundreds of people. But if you take the correct protective measures, then you can avoid getting infected in the first place. We interviewed an expert, Dr. Syed A. Hussain, an emergency room physician practicing in Ohio USA who highlighted some golden rules you should use if you have plans on traveling abroad.

1. Know What You’re Fighting 

There’s no point in trying to prevent something if you don’t even know what it is. So lets start off with the basics – Corona virus is a virus. What that means is that there are no antibiotics for it, as antibiotics only treat bacterial infections. So far there is no official treatment, but the US based company Gilead Sciences, a multi-billion dollar biotech giant, is in the process of stage 3 clinical trials of their new drug Remdesivir. Click Here for more information on the clinical trials for Corona treatment. It’s only been given to a handful of Corona patients so far, so results are unknown. Having said that, your body’s own immune system is the primary defense against most viruses. While there are no official magical treatments for Corona virus yet, 97-98% of people who get infected will be absolutely fine after a few weeks, depending on their age and risk factors. Also, there’s no vaccine against the new Corona virus yet, but Moderna Therapeutics is in the process of developing one, but this is only in the very early stages of trials. Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope they develop one soon.

Even more importantly, According to Dr. Hussain, the most important thing to know is the locations of the world where Corona virus is widespread. Our physician expert recommends the following website that has a live feed on updates on the number of cases world wide. Knowing where the disease is prevalent, can help you avoid it by not traveling to those places. Click here and find out the exact number of cases by each world region and associated number of deaths. Below is a screenshot of the information you will see if you click on the above link: 

Also, the CDC (Center of Disease Control) has published a travel guideline that you can view by clicking here. At the time of publication of this article on March 3rd 2020, the CDC was recommending against nonessential travel to China, Iran, Italy, and South Korea. Please click the above link for up to date travel guidelines and areas to avoid.

Remember, the virus is definitely contagious but not as deadly as you think it is. Most of the cases have been classified as mild. Anyone under 40 years of age, doesn’t have much to worry about, but those over 70 years of age with multiple co-morbidities like heart disease, diabetes, COPD etc, for those people this virus can prove to be deadly. So if you’re thinking of travelling to Italy, and you’re 70+ with a history of cardiovascular disease, reconsider. But if you’re young, in your 20s and 30s, fairly healthy, then probability is in your favor. Check out the graph below that shows the fatality rate by age for people infected with Corona virus and their associated comorbidities.

Corona virus death by age

2. Wash Your Hands

It goes without saying how necessary it is to keep your hands clean at all times, but it’s especially more important to follow this guideline when there’s a viral outbreak freaking everyone out. Per our physician expert, “washing hands is the single most important part of prevention of disease”. Why should you keep your hands clean? Well, apart from the concept of general hygiene, viruses can spread from person to person via respiratory droplets. When an infected person coughs or sneezes, close contacts can be infected. In addition, the virus can end up on doorknobs, elevator buttons and other surfaces. If you touch those surfaces and then touch your eyes, nose or mouth, you can become infected. Therefore, you should wash your hands with an alcohol-based hand wash or good old regular soap and water, especially after going to the bathroom, before eating, and after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing.


3. Face Masks

Not to be confused with beauty masks, these air filters go over your nose and mouth to protect infected droplets from attacking your body. There is no conclusive evidence that a face mask will prevent a person from being infected by a virus, but extra security has never harmed anyone, has it? However, a surgical mask (shown in the first image below) decreases transmission but does not completely eliminate it. Such a surgical mask can be bought on Amazon by clicking here . But if you want to absolutely minimize risk of air borne transmission, a N-95 mask is needed (2nd image below). Click here to buy a N-95 mask on Dr. Hussain states that US hospitals are recommending the use of N95 masks to health care professionals taking care of patients with flu-like symptoms. But there are things to know about the N95 mask, sure you can wear one, but it comes in different sizes and requires fit testing. You can find more details about fit testing here. Also, if you have facial hair, then that N95 isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do. So shave that beard if you plan on using a N95 mask. But remember, nothing is 100%, so don’t fall prey to the false sense of complete security and ignore the rest of the items on this list.

Surgical mask for travel safety

travel safety from corona virus, N95 mask

4. Stock Up On Medications 

Have enough medication on hand. This rule applies to frequent travel as well but gains more importance during travelling under a viral outbreak. Stock up on any medication that you take daily and have other basic medications like ibuprofen, aspirin or Tylenol on hand. You can easily treat simple fevers with things like ibuprofen and Tylenol. And if you can get a prescription for Zofran for nausea (Ondensetron generic name), then that’s even better.

Travel tips for travel

5. Don’t Sneeze the Old-Fashioned Way

Covering your nose or your mouth with your hands while sneezing or coughing might leave germs on your hands. Instead, cough or sneeze into your elbow. This is more likely to prevent viruses and bacteria from taking to the air, and prevent you from having to scrub your hands repeatedly. Be a darling and keep yourself and everyone else safe from the droplets. Or even better, wear one of the above masks and protect your fellow travelers as well.

6. Keep Your Hands to Yourself

Avoid touching your nose, eyes, mouth or face after touching things that other people have commonly touched. These include but aren’t limited to flushes, doorknobs and handles, switches, sinks, and taps. Especially when traveling, and you come into contact with something that a lot of other people have touched, then make sure to use some alcohol sanitizer and cleanse yourself of any germs. 

travel tips, hand washing

7. Carry A Sanitizer 

While our website makes it super easy and convenient to find the best travel deals and finding the cheapest flights and hotels for all your vacation needs, but the same can’t be said for finding touch-less alcohol-based hand sanitizer dispensers. Hence why it’s necessary to always have an alcohol-based sanitizer on you at all times. So when you have dirty hands, but no access to water you can fend for yourself.  Click here to buy a travel sized hand sanitizer at Amazon.


Travel tips - hand sanitizer

 8. Don’t Overshare 

An important rule that goes for first dates, social media and personal belongings – don’t over share. Why shouldn’t you share your personal belongings? Products like razors and toothbrushes come in intimate contact with one’s body. Often razors blades create tiny openings in the skin and those openings can allow bacteria from other person’s skin to enter and spread. If the other party is sick or infected with the virus, that just puts you at a greater risk and no one would want to ruin a beautiful vacation.

9. Assess Yourself and Your Surroundings

Even if you follow all of these guidelines, you should never rule out the possibility of getting infected. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), common signs of infection include respiratory symptoms, fevers greater than 100.4 degree farenheit (No really, a temperature of 99.9 is not a fever), cough, shortness of breath, breathing difficulties, body aches and chills. If you feel that you or someone around you has any of these symptoms, the smart decision would be to consult a doctor, stay at home, and avoid large crowds to avoid the infection from spreading.

travel tips from physician

10. A tip to remember

Discounted travels and exotic vacations bring with them an array of food options to choose from. According to virus prevention guidelines by WHO, it’s best that you always make sure that you aren’t eating foods that are raw or not cooked properly. Especially eggs and meat. If you ingest meals that aren’t cooked properly, then you’re just putting yourself at risk for infections that cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Lets face it, no body wants that when we’re traveling on our dream vacation. Also, if you’re going to an area with questionable water, drink boiled water or bottled water.

That’s a wrap. Good luck for your travel adventures. We wish you safe travels where ever you go. And always remember, we at are here to make your travel dreams an affordable reality. Start planning your next amazing vacation and use the search below. With one easy click, we compare hundreds of travel sites to find the cheapest flight and hotel deals on the entire internet, that’s what we do – It’s literally our name.

Zarish Suhail

About The Author: Zarish is a young writer who loves to highlight the importance of travel by sharing her thoughts and experiences in a positive, vibrant way. Other than writing about travel destinations around the world, she is a chess enthusiast, pet lover, sketch artist, and feels deeply about promoting global access to health-care professionally.



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