Amazing Places To Visit In Italy

From the natural beauty to the historic architecture, Italy has a vast reservoir of amazing travel destinations, here’s a list of places to visit in Italy.

The boot-shaped country, Italy is located in the southern part of Europe and has given the world much more than shoe fashion. Apparently the creation of batteries, pizza, pasta, the thermometer, and many other discoveries was made by these European people. The infrastructure of the whole country is remarkable; it provides many popular and beautiful destinations for travelers. Italy also has a rich heritage, given that it is 153 years old. Recent statistics claim that Italy lies in the fourth number in the most visited countries in the world. The smallest city of the world, Vatican City is located here, as well as other iconic places including the leaning tower of Pisa. There’s no limit to tourist sites embellished with art, history, and architecture in glorious Italy. Top-class cuisine, worth-seeing landscapes and towns, the treasures of art, an abundance of nature, high-class fashion, renaissance masterpieces, the Colosseum, its Trevi Fountain… the list never ends! A trip here will surely fill the mind with calmness and pleasure. Here are a few must-visit places in Italy,


Being the capital city, Rome is located right at the heart of Italy. Thus, it has to be available in the administrative, political, and economical affairs of the entire county. It’s amazing how well such a bustling, authoritative city can make so much room for art and beauty. Rome is a blend of history and modernity. Sculptures of Roman philosophers and idols are placed at several popular sites that remind and educate explorers about the rich philosophy Rome holds. Being known as a city of seven hills, Rome is enchanting and exciting for all those who visit throughout the year. The city progresses in science, technology and fashion without compromising on its morals and history. One can visit beautiful storefronts, well-designed restaurants, and sleek hotels with first-class management. The must-visit places of Rome include Sistine Chapel, Borghese Gardens, Spanish Steps, Trevi fountains, the Colosseum, and the Vatican museum. 

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Florence is a gorgeous city known as the art capital of the world. It’s as if the people spend most of their time celebrating its beauty and decorating the area further. Everything you see here has beauty to it, especially the churches- decorated with art masterpieces, sculptures, and paintings. Historians find Florence to be their educational and spiritual haven, as it is known to be the birthplace of the Renaissance. What more can one ask for, in the best travel deal to Italy? The best places to visit in Florence include Michelangelo’s David, the Uffizi Gallery, Ponte Vecchio, so list all the sites you would like to visit as soon as this world over situation gets better. 

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Venice is a major attraction site for tourists. Surrounded by the Adriatic Sea, built on a lagoon… the surroundings are incomparable indeed. The cool, clear waters soothe the mind and soul for every second of your best travel deal. This northeastern city of Italy is an archipelago of some 118 islands that are all joined by beautiful canals and scenic bridges. One of these canals, called the Grand Canal has divided Venice into two parts. Historic architecture and gorgeous waterfalls… it is as if Venice was made for a romantic couple to hold some of their most beautiful memories. Magnificent places that must be visited in Venice include Saint Mark’s Square, Basilica, Doge’s Palace and Rialto Bridge. Apparently, the gondola ride around the canals of Venice is also an exciting activity one should experience on their best travel deal.

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Where can one find rolling hills, eye-soothing olive groves, cypress trees, and vineyards? Beautiful flora belongs to a famous city in Italy called Tuscany. It’s as if flowers decided to make Tuscany their spiritual center place. Not only that, but there are also many stone towns, castles, and towers in Tuscany including the world-famous leaning tower of Pisa. The legacy of several architects, artists, and poets is relieved through the eyes of tourists and travellers that visit on their best travel deal all year long. A popular area and a place of attraction for tourists is Arezzo. It boasts a history that dates to Etruscan times, and is notably one of the 12 most important Etruscan cities. It played a vital role during the Roman era, is the hub of political and economical debate for the Roman philosophers. It is also well-known for its pottery. The places of Tuscany that should be visited include Luca, Pisa, Siena, Florence, and Elba. Once you’re under the spell of the beauty that awaits you in Tuscany, all you need is a cheap international flight for the time of your life. 

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This ancient city, Pompeii is famous because it was found buried for nearly 1700 years! After serving due time under volcanic ash it was unearthed because of Mt. Vesuvius’s cataclysmic eruption. There have been many films, songs and literature about the amazing miracle that Pompeii is. It’s a marvel on its own to visit such a gifted destination, let alone through a cheap international flight, and the best travel deal ever. One can get to know about the ancient Roman world after visiting this mysterious city. The remains of old houses, markets, bakeries, baths, and brothels can be seen which make you gasp and give you goosebumps. The streets of Pompeii are like those of a planned movie scene. The people of Pompeii liven up the atmosphere by being ever so friendly, sophisticated, and hospitable. 

Amalfi Coast

Lying in the region of Campania in the southwestern part of Italy, the beautiful coastline of the Amalfi coast is enriched with lemon tree gardens, shimmering bays, colourful villas, craggy cliffs, and amazing resorts. The beautiful tourist destinations of the Amalfi Coast include the Positano, the most romantic town with pebbled beaches and the beautiful view of mountains. You can enjoy the best travel deal of your life between April and October before cooler winter breezes start stinging your cheeks. For people who want time to relax and be carefree during their rare, cheap family vacation package, May and September are your prime time. The weather is beautiful and the activities plentiful, without the crowds that July and August bring. All you need to do is catch a cheap international flight as soon as the Pandemic allows for it. The town of Amalfi and the town of Ravello which is known for its artworks and beautiful gardens are also the most visited places in Amalfi Coast.

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Milan has some rough history indeed. This city was nearly ruined during World War 2 from the heavy bombing, but then it was reconstructed again. There was an era of redevelopment and growth, making it one of the wealthiest cities of Europe today. This amazing growth in the modern era is the reason why it has advanced in science and technology. Known for its high-class fashion taste and designer shops, Milan also has other treasures including the painting of Leonardo da Vinci,  the La Scala Opera House, the Last Supper, the Castello Sforzesco, and a largest Gothic cathedral of the world that should all be visited. Because of the modern architecture of Milan, it appears to be less Italian, but that just makes it more appealing for some tourists who prefer modernism over history. The teenagers and children in your family will appreciate a cheap family vacation to Milan, so why not give it to them right after quarantine ends? 

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Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is a lovely coastal region. The meaning of its name is “Five Lands”, and it is quite literal, indeed. These five lands are the five villages of Cinque Terre namely Riomaggiore, Manarola, Vernazza, Monterosso, and Corniglia. The most beautiful landscapes of Italy lie in this northwestern city. Explorers of flora and fauna find this city to be a form of catharsis and spiritual elevation. Not only them- the entirety of tourists that make their ways to Cinque Terre on their best travel deals call the journey food for their soul. The hiking of the blue trail in Cinque Terre which connects all the five villages is the best hike ever to see this natural landscape beauty. Even airborne, on your everyday, cheap international flight, you can see and distinguish the beautiful valleys and amazing topography of Cinque Terre. 

From the natural beauty to the historic architecture, Italy has a vast reservoir of amazing travel destinations. A person must visit this magical country to see its ancient ruins, spectacular mountains and beaches, and modern or ancient art alike. 

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