5 Best Street Food Cities Around The Globe

Looking for a vacation full of scrumptious and affordable food? Check out these places where you can get some amazing local items at affordable prices.

Street food has its own charm. Let’s admit it- the temptation to bring home a spicy, deep-fried snack or sweet scones that go perfectly well with tea is too much to handle. Before you even know it, you’re fumbling around in your pockets for any change to get your desired snack if you spot a street vendor nearby. The scent of these freshly prepared foods waft in the streets and alleyways calling out to people to come relish a carefree moment of delicious street food taste. 

Street food is a worldwide phenomenon, here are the top five best locations where you can find some scrumptious, unique, and flavourful street food that has gone viral on the internet. All you need to do is find a quick, cheap international flight, or find a flight and accommodation package for a cheap vacation just so you can experience the delight of having these marvellous street food options on the go. Read on below! 

Tokyo, Japan

A city full of busy tourists – every person is in a hustle on the streets of Tokyo. Gladly, street food vendors act as fuel pumps for both the young and old diners, especially Japanese workers retreating to their sweet homes. Many people live alone and can’t find the time or energy to cook for themselves, which is why the sight of fresh, grilled ingredients made to taste is nothing less than a luxury for them. Japanese cuisine isn’t just about sushi, however iconic it may be. Street vendors use charcoal to steam, grill or boil meats and vegetables in unique blends for various dishes such as Bento, Okonomiyaki, Crepe, Roasted sweet potatoes, and numerous other amazing dishes. 

It’s the absolute best environment out in the flashy city centres amidst all the crowd. You must plan a vacation to try out the some of these delicious foods. Let our search engine find the best prices for travel packages with one click at Cheapestflightshotels.com . We’ll find you some awesome cheap flight and vacation packages.

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Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaiian cuisine is popular because of the seafood that goes into it with unique, savory and sweet sauce blends. Hawaiian street foods include a delicious raw fish salad known as poke (poh-kay) and Seafood sandwiches. Tuna and octopus are some very unique options for tourists. Shrimp is also a hot favorite when it’s served in a sauce filled with chunks of caramelized garlic. 

The best part is that you can enjoy these amazing street foods while enjoying views of the radiant, beautiful ocean sunsets on your memorable vacation packages.

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Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico is known for its spices that give you just the fiery kick you need for the day. Having street foods is, by far, the most enjoyable activity with your family on your vacation package to the lively Mexico city. Authentic Mexican tacos, tortillas and freshly grilled meats have a taste found nowhere else. The aromas engulf you! 

If this wasn’t enough, you can add toppings of favas, cheese, green salsa, and whatever else gets your mouth watering. The street food vendors are there throughout the year to cater to tourists with delicious cuisine.

cooked tacos

Miami, United States

Street food is not a want- it’s a worldwide necessity, irrespective of ethnicity. Such can be seen in Miami with the colorful crowd opting for the most colorful options of street foods on the run to school, work, or on the way back. It’s fast, efficient, warm, and made with love. Who can resist? 

The options are quite diverse and your order is always made to your taste, right in front of you. They’ve got ham, the best-roasted pork, topped with classic swiss cheese, fresh pickles and mustard… served in a Panini to give the consumer a rollercoaster of crunchy, chewy, savory goodness.

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Karachi, Pakistan

Pairing up continental blends, spices, and seafood in a single dish is a skill that’s best seen in action in Karachi, Pakistan. The street vendors utilize the fresh trout, seafood and sea salt available to them- and then they make incredible street food available to the tourists and locals throughout the year. Karachi wouldn’t be the same without its food business, that’s for sure! 

The best dishes available on the takeaway menu are barbecued chicken and fish, biryani, fish kata kat, chapli kabab, and amazing bun kebabs. The street food options are available just as you place an order, and will leave you satisfied no matter what. The costs are minimal- or, rather, unbelievably low! 

Making things even better, a vacation to Pakistan is affordable and cheap. All you need to do is find a flight and accommodation package that suits you best. Everyone’s welcome here, that’s for sure. 

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