4 Most Visited Museums Worldwide

Check out this list of some of the most amazing museums in the world. You definitely want to check these 4 places out in your life time.

4 Most Visited Museums Worldwide

Museums may sound like a monotone, boring history lesson to some (especially the kids). This misconception has to be changed, and guess what, 2020 is the year to make that change! Taking your family out to visit museums in your own country will undoubtedly be a taxing, tiring, bookish lesson for them. Instead, take your loved ones out for a vacation to understand the intricacy and culture of a foreign land in the most well-built and thought-out museums around the world. Believe us, this stigma around museums will vanish in thin air once you step inside the museums we have researched and carefully listed below for you to check out. 

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The National Museum of China in Beijing

China has a diverse, living culture that the locals and government alike feel proud to showcase in the National Museum of China. It has had a steady footfall of tourists all throughout its history. To be exact, the museum had over 8.6 million visitors in 2018, making it the second-most visited museum in the world! That’s not too much of a surprise, however- China has a beautiful culture colored in vibrant red and shimmering golden, ancestry that dates back to several hundreds of thousands of years, countless pieces of art in the forms of paintings, sculptures, and performances… How can one not be mesmerized by the beauty of Chinese history? 

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Washington’s National Air and Space Museum

Reach for the sun, they say, because even if you fail, you’ll land among stars. The National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC has every visitor gasping in awe over the huge spaceships, satellites, airships, models, spacesuits, and other remarkable things to see there. No wonder the museum saw approximately 6.2 million visitors, which has caused it to rank at the fifth most visited museum in the world. The experience is very educational in a good sense because you have the will to understand what intellect was involved in the creation of such incredible technology. There’s a load of history involved too, such as the first airplane by the Wright brothers, and we can’t overlook Sci-Fi either. Star Wars has made its rightful place within the museum as well, so you know the children are going to have the time of their lives. 

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The Louvre museum, Paris 

Classical is beautiful, and you know it- once you visit the The Louvre museum in the lovely city of Paris. Everyone wishes to visit Paris one day, and you can’t leave the city without paying your respects at the largest art museum in the entire world. It’s the central landmark of the city! An estimated 38,000 objects from the ancient times to the 21st century stand exhibited thoughtfully and expertly over a huge area of over 72,735 square meters. The Louvre is a worldwide attraction, loved by everyone, irrespective of caste or creed. Such can be proved as well- the Louvre received 9.6 million visitors in 2019, and stands at the most visited museum in the world. 

Art can be expressed in any way, shape, or form, and the art you find at the Louvre is just a depiction of that. Make 2020 worthwhile by planning a getaway to France- just do what you can to experience the beauty the Louvre holds. 

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Vatican Museums, Vatican, Vatican City

The Romans have been quite prominent in history and continue to be prominent in the modern world through the Vatican museums’ public and sculpture arts. These historical pieces are the most renowned Roman and Renaissance art sculptures displayed and preserved in a single place for the world to marvel at. The museums altogether contain about 70,000 exhibits with varying degrees of value, making these museums the hub of Roman past for those who have a taste in history! 

The unique human sculpting techniques and famous personalities like Plato and Aristotle are the highlights of these museums. A trip to these museums would be a wholesome vacation package, all inclusive of sightseeing and much needed family time! 

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