22 Travel Bloggers Who’ll Unlock Your Wanderlust

These are some of the most amazing travel bloggers that you must consider following. Travel the world through their lens.

22 Travel Bloggers Who’ll Unlock Your Wanderlust

Couch potatoes, loungers, home dwellers that find it best to live confined within four walls, are often people who’ve never had a single memorable experience travelling. Hey, don’t worry, we’ll make everything easy and find you cheap flights and hotel packages. Well, there’s no need to fear world travel if you become an active follower of these amazing travel gurus who make sure to go the extra mile for their immense fan following. They have every nifty travel tip and trick up their sleeves! Some focus on culture, some cuisine, others lifestyle- however, the one thing they all have in common is the lust to explore the world in all its glory. So read on below, and spark the will to venture inside yourself! 

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Amateur Traveler



The Amateur Traveler must be too modest to accept how popular he has gotten over the years as a profound travel guide and guru for those hesitant to explore the unfamiliar. His posts have a friendly, upbeat aura to them that pull the strings of the heart towards new adventures, which is why we consider this man to be one of the best travel bloggers ever.  

Chris Christensen started off in 2005 as a man with a heart full of adventure, smoothly escalating to winning incredible awards on his creation, The Amateur Traveler podcast. His shows and blog regarding breath-taking travel destinations and the experiences he’s had are all dedicated to helping his fan-following develop the urge to explore the planet in all its glory, wherever they may be. As of today, The Amateur Traveler isn’t just a podcast- it has much more to offer, such as vibrant photography and cinematography, interesting, informative blog posts, written by the travel-guru Christensen himself, as well as a few enthusiasts that volunteer to share their own travel stories on his media handles. 

Many of his posts cover how travel enthusiasts may find a cheap vacation by nifty tips and tricks, or how they might get a cheap international flight for a stress-free, memorable trip to the unknown. 


Gaijin Crew


If you shy away from travelling because you find yourself unable to fund the journey sufficiently, Jamie Campbell has some words of wisdom for you. An adventurous heart mustn’t be pulled back by the strains of expenditure, which is why Jamie provides his insight on travelling cheap: cheap vacations, cheap family packages, cheap international flights, everything you need to get the thrill of a lifetime is some research away from you. Gaijin Crew is his budget backpacking and minimalist travel blog where he has gained a huge, viral fan following due to his amazing travel tips and tricks that’ll save you more than you can imagine. Furthermore, he is a man of character- truly a traveller with a heart of gold, who promotes ecotourism, saving you money and saving the planet while you’re at it. 



Brendan’s Adventures


Travelers that make their epic journeys viral are mostly those that have commendable photography skills and can capture beautiful horizons, rare fauna and flora and the exquisite colors of the world. The same goes for Brendan van Son who has shown his fan following what they are missing out on inside their four-walled cages they call home. Mother Earth is home for all and must be cherished, which is why this journalist writes and posts on Brendan’s Adventures. His insight on travel is informative for newbies who need a travel guru like him for safer, cheap, inclusive vacation packages or easy tips for booking flights and accommodation in countless countries. 

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California Through My Lens


Travel is travel, whether it may be round the world or in a place that has just too much to offer. Josh McNair finds new and hidden tourism spots all around California and makes his findings available in a mesmerizing, remarkable way in his travel stories in California Through My Lens. His website and social media handles stay jampacked with California’s huge, unbeatable fauna and flora, unique, secret locations to visit within CA, lots of different cuisines and food options you may want to try out, and so much more. His travel blog is strategic and easy to steer through so readers can indulge in travel stories to their taste. Look at California from his perspective- you’ll definitely get lost in the beauty of it. 

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Dan Flying Solo


You are your own person and do not need anyone for your happiness- that’s the vibe we get from Daniel James, who is a travel photographer and an amazing writer on the road alone for about 3 years. The experiences he has on his beautiful journeys are enough to fulfill his heart and soul and energize his steady fan following on his travel blog, Dan Flying Solo. This man stays full of life, humor, and intellect, as he provides a handy outlook on efficient travel strategies, tips and tricks for his viewers and readers to use on their own journeys. The stunning photography alone is enough to get one hooked! 

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David’s Been Here


A person who loves culture is loved by people of all cultures as well! David Hoffman has a will to travel and explore for not only the beauty of it but the brains put into the making of it. By experiencing new cultures he not only provides us with beautiful scenery but with beautiful people to get to know all around the world. He has his own digital media company, David’s Been Here, and delivers inspiring travel photography featuring well-made episodes that have an educational insight into travel. His fans are historians, educationists, archaeologists… it is indeed a treat for everyone out there who has a heart compelled to travel. 

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Expert Vagabond


Don’t get put off by an edgy title! Vagabonds can have a heart of gold too, and one look at Matt Karsten proves that statement. This humble, adventurous, young soul shows his immense talent as an adventure travel writer, photographer, and videographer in his travel blog, Expert Vagabond. The expert status comes from continuous travel for over seven years! You can’t go through his travel blog without feeling a surge of energy run through your body, given the incredible, detailed travel stories, convenient tips to get easy, cheap vacation packages, cheap international flights, and of course- superb, unique travel photography that has you in its grasp on the first glance. 

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There aren’t many travel bloggers out there that target Asian countries, especially India, Pakistan, Nepal, and so on. This digital nomad understands us and writes about his adventures in such countries twice a week, to keep his content fresh and catchy. His fan following is more like a community where he loves to collaborate and teach newbie travelers the best and efficient ways to book flight and accommodation deals… the list never ends. His blog, foXnoMad, has countless tips and tech that will revolutionize the way you travel completely! 

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Girl Gone Travel


For the girls out there, this girl has your back! Carol Cain is a super energetic young woman that has had immense success on her travel blog, Girl Gone Travel. This award-winner has done a lot to promote travel by inspiring her readers and viewers, young or old. Travelling with friends, with family, with a lover- Carol Cain keeps everyone in consideration, providing her expert views on supreme destinations for delicious meals, getaways, sightseeing, cheap vacations, hotels, best travel deals, national parks- you get the idea. Her fan following grows steadily by the day, and that’s no surprise at all. You go, girl!

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Gotta Keep Movin’


If you’re not in it for the ‘touch and go’ type of travelling, Emma Higgins is the travel blogger for you. Her work in Gotta Keep Movin is unique since it focuses on staying in one region of the world at a time- to start afresh every year and make yourself at home all over Mother Earth. Her mesmerizing travel stories cover not only the journey, but the day-to-day experience of adapting and settling in a new space, the native culture, the struggles, and the beauty behind shifting. It motivates people to leave town and look for better living conditions where they will find the peace they’ve been yearning for. We’ve found her blog to be very soothing- almost medicinal! It has a calm pace to it and lets you fully enjoy new locations to your heart’s content. 

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I Am Aileen


Looking to travel in style? Aileen Adalid is a young, cute, stylish travel writer and travel blogger who makes sure to capture her journeys in an iconic way. Her success as a digital nomad has inspired countless other young travel enthusiasts to find their love for travel, but that’s not all- she’s managed to build herself a business, and shakes us to the core by her intellect and talent at such a young age. Her intent is pure and she educates her readers with effective guides on how to travel resourcefully. 

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Indiana Jo


Indiana Jo has broken all stereotypes by chasing her travel dreams, putting her full-time law career behind her. Her heart full of wanderlust has led her to visit over 60 countries and six continents, and we don’t see this feisty digital nomad coming to a halt anytime soon. Her posts are incredibly informative, where she explains in detail how to find the best travel deals, cheap vacation packages, or efficiently book amazing flights and hotels. Travelling seems like a piece of cake once you get some piece of advice from Indiana! 

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Jessie on a Journey


There mustn’t be any restrictions for an adventurer, may they be financial, or based on culture or relationships- everyone deserves to explore the unknown. Have it from Jessie Festa, a travel addict who will not stop exploring even if she has to go alone. This blog coach is a superwoman who takes her followers on immersive rides enriched with culture and beauty, showcasing the glamour of travel. The blog goes  “beyond the guidebook” in order to enlighten people on how to make memories to look back to one day. 

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Keep Calm and Travel


This Italian travel blogger is a persistent one- she’s been travelling for more than 16 years of her life, and now travel is routine for her, indeed. Clelia Mattana breaks all boundaries of age, budget, or status- she preaches a message to her followers that you mustn’t be held back if you find it in your heart to explore the wilderness- and beyond. Keep Calm and Travel posts have a soothing, calm vibe to them, that helps travel enthusiasts integrate nifty tips and tricks for a convenient journey, however unfamiliar their destination may be. The catharsis you get from her travel posts is remarkable indeed! 

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Local Adventurer


Esther JuLee has her husband Jacob as her travel partner and together they show us how heart-filling it is to adapt to new locations and explore new cultures. They’ve made shifting homes a way of life, as they move to a new city as the new year rises. Along with travel, she gives her expert insight on lifestyle. The trick is to not get too comfortable in one place! Her blog is optimized since she has it categorized for readers under recent adventures, outdoor tours, amazing hikes, insightful city guides, recreational parks, cheap vacation packages, best travel deals, and the ultimate bucket list.

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The mamas out there don’t have any less wanderlust than younger travellers, and Amanda Mouttaki is there to prove it. This travel blogger explores the world through cuisine, inspiring travel and food bloggers alike with her talent. Her travel posts have huge chunks of Morroco, her current residence, and makes her blog resourceful for her fan following to the best of her abilities. 

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Nerd Nomads


Travel gets better when you have a buddy to take along with you. This duo of Norwegian adventurers have visited more than 30 countries and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon! Maria and Espen target adventurous travel, making their epic journeys available for their readers to marvel at by awesome photography, cinematography, and easy travel tips for convenience. You can’t go through their blog without aching to explore the world yourself! 

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Pause the Moment


You’ve never come across a more wholesome traveller blogger than Ryan Gargiulo, and we can bet on that. This world traveller has an inner drive to explore the unknown and started his first European backpacking trip as a way to channel this energy. This site met fame, undergoing development to a point where it has become a source of inspiration for hundreds. PauseTheMoment not only covers travel but steers you to understand how to live a full life. Ryan is the best travel guru if you want to learn how to frequently, adventurously, and affordably!

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The Poor Traveler Blog


There’s a lesson to learn with every new experience, and Yoshke Dimen and Vins Carlos make sure they catalog all the lessons they’ve learnt on their travels in their blog. They live without a permanent location, write about their adventures, and live life to the fullest sightseeing the world with family and friends. The best part about their travel blog is that they provide insight on how you can travel on a budget, with cheap family vacation packages, cheap international flights, and affordable ways to book flight and hotel in the most remote locations. They’re here to ensure you get more than your money’s worth! 

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The Savvy Backpacker


Husband and wife travel teams are the best because they teach the community how to improve your love life with adventure and thrill. The Savvy Backpacker by James and Susan is a wholesome travel blog that also provides strategies to keep your budget in check for backpacking through Europe. Not only that, this power couple even gives product reviews to make backpacking child’s play for their readers and viewers. What a thoughtful duo! 


Soul Travel Blog


Ellie Cleary is here to preach the message of love and care by her take on mindful travel. Soul Travel Blog, her brainchild, covers sustainable travel initiatives and inspires the community to make more of their adventures by being responsible and respectful towards the culture and the environment. Not only that, she further facilitates her readers by giving the best travel packages and guides on beautiful destinations for worthwhile visits. This full-time nomad has our heart in all her noble endeavors.


Travel Mamas


Supermoms are never behind anyone, whether it may be in the house or outside. Travel Mamas facilitates women and pushes them to try travelling with children by convenient, nifty tips and hacks. They not only show how easy travelling is, but also how much of a blast one can have on a cheap family vacation package with the young ones. However, everyone needs time to themselves, and moms are the most deserving of breaks. The travel blog also covers romantic vacations, and girlfriend retreats, and how that can be possible in the most responsible fashion. More power to you, mums! 

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That’s a wrap. Always remember, we at cheapestflightshotels.com are here to make your travel dreams an affordable reality. Start planning your next amazing vacation and use the search below. We compare hundreds of travel sites to find the cheapest flight and hotel deals on the entire internet, that’s what we do – It’s literally our name.

Zarish Suhail

About The Author: Zarish is a young writer who loves to highlight the importance of travel by sharing her thoughts and experiences in a positive, vibrant way. Other than writing about travel destinations around the world, she is a chess enthusiast, pet lover, sketch artist, and feels deeply about promoting global access to health-care professionally.



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